RB-2 Milled Black
RB-2 Milled Black Seite
RB-2 Milled Black Perspektive
RB-2 Milled Black Perspektive
RB-2 Milled Black Perspektive 3

RB-2 Milled Black

179,95 €
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The new RB-2 MILLED Wedges will change everything.

With the help of several Playing Professionals and Teaching Professionals we developed a versatile Grind and Bounce which helps every golfer to provides excellent Results from any position. 
The Problem that you cannot decide which grinds fits best or what is the ideal bounce. Coupled with the many Benefits of our unique SIQ Performance Coating, you will take your short game to the next level. 


46°8° Bounceversatile grind35,75' LängeD3
48°8° Bounceversatile grind35,75' D3
50°8° Bounceversatile grind35,5'D3
52°8° Bounceversatile grind35,5'D3
54°10° Bounceversatile grind35,25'D5
56°10° Bounceversatile grind35,25'D5
58°6° Bounceversatile grind35'D5
60°6° Bounceversatile grind35'D5
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Unser Garantieversprechen

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Our Benefits

Regardless of the significantly better spin values and the longer durability, there are other reasons to choose the Wedges from Titan Golf.

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Fitting Tool

Fitting Tool

With our new online fitting tool we offer the possibility to determine the right shaft-club-grip combination for every golfer.

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TG Schäfte

Der Joker Schaft, der Jailbrid SL und der Jailbird Pro sind nun für unsere Wedges optional erhältlich.

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