The first of his kind. "Charlie" was created and printed 100% out of an 3-D Printer. In its futuristics, elegant design its a real eye-catcher

It will exceed the highest demands, both in terms of performance and in terms of design and sets new standards. Charlie stands for a completely new kind of feeling in the moment of impact - you will not be able to get out of amazement. 

Fun fact: Charlie was named after the founder of 3-D printing, Mr. Charles W. Hull


  •    More roll 
  •    softer feeling
  •    more consistency 
  •    better aim


  •     Loft: 2,5 Grad
  •     three interchangeable weights in 50g, 70g and 90g
  •     personalized laser engraving
  •     MR-1 Performance Coating
  •     Made in Germany
  •     delivery time: 3 Weeks